OUR PARTNERS / Booinc Designs
yeah yeah,
so who’s booinc & what can you do for my company?
( an impatient lot, aren’t you? )
booinc designs was set up in 2003, to bring balance back to the force ( in the design world, of course ) - a world corrupted by scroungy college students who hide behind the pseudony
“freelance designers” & a lack of corporate advertising budget.
armed with an overseas education, & some trusty side kicks, bound by duty to make our world & its ads more aesthetically pleasing ( read : scroungy college students ).
we live to breathe some life into design as we all know it.
it’s about edgy, daring new ideas ( of course, only if you’re daring enough to try it! if not, there’s always the “tried & tested” ... *yawn* ), honesty, communication & you - we live to make you, a part of our design.
design doesn’t have to cost you an arm & a leg, that’s what we believe at booinc... but bearing in mind that we all have bills to pay, our promise to you is agency-worthy work at the fraction of the cost & arty-hero attitude. well, if that doesn’t sit well with
you, there are always the scroungy college students
( just don’t say we didn’t warn you! ).
that’s it, divinely simple!

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