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Dress for Success

Women from The Gentlemen’s Club talk dandy fashion and bespoke apparel for all gender persuasions

If you've been wondering about a group of smartly dressed women making a not-so-subtle impression in the local party scene, you’re not alone.

Stuck at work too often these days and don't know what we're on about?

Dress shirts with gorgeous details, contrasting trims, starched jackets, matching cufflinks, colour-choreographed bow-ties in checks and stripes... we even spotted wing-tipped collars and brogues in to-die-for colours one night! Herstory caught up with the dapper sextet to find out what their style statement is really about.

Q: You’ve certainly caught our attention! Now, tell us what you’re all about.

A: “Thank you! The aim of The Gentlemen’s Club (TGC) is to inspire with the possibilities of dressing up, standing out and hopefully demonstrating the manner of a true gentleman, or gentlewoman. A labour of love for six women, conceived in 2010, we are a lifestyle clothier offering bespoke and made-to-measure clothing for all gender persuasions. We aim to reclaim and redefine the classic, elegant style and charming character of the quintessential gentleman, whether you’re a gay or straight man, butch or femme woman. "

Q: What is the difference between TGC and other tailors or even off-the-rack clothing that fit okay?

A: “We recognize that the local lesbian community desires to look good and stylish without necessarily subscribing to conventional fashion types for men or women. Many commercial tailors may not understand the implications of gendered dressing. Also, most tailors are men, which makes it uncomfortable for women, especially masculine-presenting women (some who may identify as butch or andro) to be measured, or even communicate what they want in their shirt or suit.

We personally know many butch/andro women who have difficulty finding off-the-rack clothes that fit them well. Fit is essential in projecting a professional and stylish image. Men’s clothes usually have to be altered and women’s clothes are hardly suitable alternatives.

Also, whether you identify with butch, andro, femme, no label, etc, we want to show that dressing better doesn't mean looking like you're trying too hard. When you look good and feel confident in your own style, the manner and aura that you’re equipped with, actually makes all the difference. Paying no heed to how you dress is rarely attractive or successful.

At TGC, we measure your exact proportions and give allowances where you want us to. Everything else from fabric to detail is made according to your specification. So why settle for just an okay fit?

As a women-owned and women-run business, we understand women. We feel that women have been under-served in this area of personal tailoring and we're very proud of what we offer, which is an affordable, convenient and timely service."

Q: What would you say to the idea that bespoke, or personalized clothing is only for the super rich or super corporate types?

A: "That’s just not true. Many working professionals and fresh graduates in the community have been looking for clothes that fit them well and boost their respectability both in the workplace and out. This is exactly why we started TGC. We want to show why bespoke clothing is a worthwhile investment while simplifying the process. We come to you, with all our fabric swatches and detailing options, and based on your design and fabric selection your shirt, suit, pants, bermudas or jacket arrives to you within a week. If you like, we even offer complimentary styling services and can even look into your wardrobe, get to know your personal style better, and recommend clothes to enhance your personal image or round out your wardrobe. We promise you will feel the difference when you put on a shirt that you co-created and was cut and sewn just for you."

Q: We hear your customers have made some pretty unusual requests…

A: “We had this customer call us, wanting to surprise her girlfriend who just started a new job. We showed up at the girlfriend's door with flowers and our fabric swatches. She wasn't expecting us at all! Our stylist introduced our service and that we were sent by her girlfriend. She was beaming, and didn’t stop through the process of us getting an idea of her new job, her current work-wear wardrobe and the kind of clothes she liked. She ended up making two shirts and a pair of pants, compliments of her girlfriend. Within a week, the garments were delivered to her house and she loved that they were made perfectly for her and perfect for her exciting new phase of life. We hate to say this, but there is very little excuse now for gifting impractical items!”

TGC’s bespoke services are suitable for all gender persuasions. Prices begin at $129 for shirts, $110 for pants, jackets from $350 and suits from $550. Includes complimentary styling from an experienced stylist. Convenience of appointments and drop-offs at your choice of time and venue.

For enquiries, call: +65 8374 7930. TGC is on Facebook: