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Butch Hunt 09 Preview @ZOUK | 27/07/2009

“Round one, fight!” and nine very fierce looking contestants donned in Muay Thai outfits walked proudly onto the stage, like newbie warriors preparing for battle.

Our hearts were thumping wildly (or at least I’m sure mine was) as we performed the “Wai Khru” on the Zouk stage, a traditional Thai ritual for students to show respect to their teachers or trainers. After it was performed, the show truly began as we got ourselves pumped for the “fights”.

Contestant B4, Benson kicked off the show (quite literally) with her Muay Thai solo. I’m sure her battle cries were loud enough to strike fear into the audience’s hearts! After her solo, we came out in pairs and re-enacted a Muay Thai fight sequence. I figure the sequences should have looked realistic enough because I did hurt my foot in the process. :D


Once the Muay Thai segment was over, it was a scramble to get changed for the next part of the show – military combat! Donning army fatigues and armed with an array of plastic toy guns purchased from all parts of Singapore, we looked like mini G.I Joes ready to go to war. After parading around for a bit and pretending to shoot imaginary enemies concealed in the audience, we gave up the stage for Lady Gaga and her wonderfully talented group of dancers who entertained the audience with “Pokerface”. Then right after that Jada and Misha danced a little catchy number themselves. Really awesome stuff!

The final bit of the show involved us parading around in casual wear sponsored by New Urban Male. And there were no mirrors where we were changing so we had no idea how we actually looked like before going on stage. So it was quite shocking to see some of the photos and videos people posted online on Facebook. I realized my back pockets were flapping around like pieces of bread. Absolutely mortifying.

The after party was fun! Though there weren’t any hydraulic poles to cling to this time, us contestants had fun mingling around on the dance floor, making new friends, having a few drinks and occasionally catching the eye of a little hottie. ;)

Now the final leg of the race, THE FINALS. I wonder what’s in store…

Text by: Jake