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Butch Hunt 09 Showcase @Zirca | 27/05/2009

The LED lights were dazzling, every beat of the throbbing music pumping adrenaline into my veins. The smoke was cued, the gates opened (quite literally) and Misha kicked off the Butch Hunt 2009 showcase with a bang.

Her body flowing fluidly to the rhythm of the music, she captivated the attention of the eagerly waiting crowd with her groovy moves and stunning acrobatic feats.

Standing at the back of the stage were nine people ready to crap their pants. We were nervous yet excited, like children waiting to receive the results of a Math exam. Yes, we were the contents of the showcase Ė a diverse mix of people from all walks of life.

Finally it was time and we had to move out. Standing there on stage with people cheering you on loudly feels pretty damn awesome. But all I could think of at the moment was ďThese sunglasses sure are awfully dark. Please donít let me tripĒ.

Maybe it was Murphyís Law, the pre-showcase booze, the sun shades or a horrid combination of all the above that actually led to my tripping. Iím just thankful I didnít fall on my face. Boy that would have been something to talk about.


So after all nine contestants had had their fair bit of parading around, it was finally over.

And it was time to parrrrrrrty! Bring on the champagne and let the good times roll. We hit the Zirca floor and it was really crowded but I managed to find my friends; who had come to lend a little support.

Later on in the night, a couple of us contestants decided to get a tad crazy and jump on the hydraulic pole cages we had seen people dancing in earlier. About four of us bounced about in one and itís a wonder the entire thing didnít collapse. After a bit of that, we decided that pole dancing was best left to the sexy ladies.

The funky music, booze and lighting effects made the night pass by so swiftly and soon it was time to head home and have a good long sleep in preparation for the hangover that was soon to be.

And just a little piece of advice from me, sun shades at night are hazardous. it rather impairs your vision and cuts visibility by half. If you absolutely must wear some, donít say I didnít warn you. Hmmmmm. But then again, youíre probably not clumsy like me.

Text by: Jake