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Herstory Couple Of The Decade | 19/01/2009

The Sapphic council has spoken.

After weeks of online voting and crazy preparations, the results are out. Herstory crowned its first ever couple of the decade, sitting B5 Ash and F5 Elvi nicely on the throne.

Of course, the coveted title didn’t come easy. There were six grueling rounds of results tabulation, which compiles the votes of the five judges, audience, contestants, Herstory, online voting and loudest cheers.

So it means that even if you have brought an army of supporters to scream down the whole of Zouk, or (gasps!) have even resorted to stealing the voting tickets, the winners are not guaranteed.

Now, being the new ambassadors requires not just good looks and performance talents – they have to know Herstory at their fingertips. After the show opened with an elegant ballroom number, the first round of the competition is the test of knowledge, and all the contestants proved to have done their homework.


The highly anticipated talent show came next, with the contestants spurring the crowd to an all-time high in a series of smashing performances. While we have the usual sexy dancing and singing showcase, my highlight for the night was the segments by B3 Boo and B5 Ash, who injected a tad of creativity and double vision in their show.

While Boo (yes, the cute butch that won Herstory’s VR Challenge last year) made the audience blink twice with a naughty French cabaret performance wearing fishnet stockings, slinky leotard and drag queen worthy make-over, Ash took the audience a trip down memory lane with signature dances from the past Butch Hunt – with a video backdrop showing the exact same moves. I add my applause to the loudest cheers they have received that night.

And all that was just the icing on the cake. After the King and Queen were announced, our lesbian punters were treated to the amazing beats and mixes of Zouk resident DJ Andrew Chow.

If you have unfortunately missed this rad party, you ought to be spanked. But fret not as Herstory is poised to bring you more, more and more in the upcoming themed parties exclusively hosted by the winners of the Couple of the Decade. Watch the Herstory space for more details.

Till the next one, we shall behave.

Text by: crystal