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Do You Know The Lyrics? | 11/01/2009

Melissa knows the lyrics

Modeled after the American game show “Don’t forget the lyrics”, Herstory pitted six budding crooners against each other in our own version of the game show, simply called- “Do you know the lyrics?”.

After an interesting semi-final round held at St James Power Station’s Boiler Room on the 9th of October, the top three finalists returned to the Boiler Room a month later to out-sing and out-dance each other for the top spot and five hundred dollars worth of cash and prizes.

The finalists- Sue, Melissa and Charm, battled it out on stage with the help of Boiler Room’s resident performers- Soul Kool, and emcee for the night Gino.

Apart from the girls’ ability to correctly complete the lyrics to the songs they were assigned to sing, the girls were also judged on their stage presence and vocal capabilities. Olinda Cho, of Singapore Idol fame, filled the role of judge for the event.


The girls went in turns, belting out familiar tunes that got the rest of us singing along irresistibly. There were many memorable moments that night. No one will forget Sue’s squeal of delight (and subsequent bouncing about on stage) when she picked Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love” out of the hat. The entire audience joined in for the chorus as she sang “You cut me open and I keep bleeding…”.

We saw the same thing happen when Charm hit the very sing-along-able “Apologise” by One Republic. She wowed the crowd not only with her voice but also with her ability to inject a good deal of emotion into her performance. And I have to admit, that girl looks blimey good on stage.

But nothing can compare to the awe inspired by Melissa’s rendition of David Cook’s “Always be my baby” (I speak for myself here). Melissa’s vocal range was put to the test with this song. Where most of the audience had to go silent, due to our inability to reach the correct pitch, Melissa soldiered on like a regular diva, hitting note after note with little trouble.

After three rounds of singing, it wasn’t difficult for us to see who the winner would be and obviously, judge Olinda thought the same too.

Herstory’s “Do you know the lyrics?” event ended with a bang as contest winner Melissa took the stage next to Olinda Cho and together they gave us an encore performance that was worthy of their reputations as Herstory’s resident songbirds.

And just in case you’re wondering what it was that they sang, it was Queen’s “I want to break free”.

Text by: skohly