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Entry oops!
Posted by hikari_brite on Sep 20 2010, 07:52 PM
procrastinated for too long yet again...
rushing again for my sets.


prawning with the kias last night was way too fun!
too bad stupid kimchi wasnt there...
she'd laugh her ass off!

couple of injuries tho...
montkia got chased around n had her foot poked by a prawn,
qq had a prawn smacked onto her chest (she din fall off her chair this time round tho... DO-OH!),
ah ni mimicked montkia's flying prawn stunt n burnt herself with her ciggie, had her head poked by a prawn n her finger poked by the hook n got chased around for a while by a giant prawn with huge pincers going at her feet while she screamed 'AH MA!' but we just stood n laughed,
for me, prawn's huge pincer got my thumb, refused to let go n i had to yank it off, leaving a long scratch which bled immediately (i was rather verbal at that point of time).

but it was TOTALLY FUN!!!!
we pulled leaves off the top canopy when our hooks flew up n got stuck,
scooped fish with the beer glass,
caught a crab shell,
n ah ni almost made the prawns drunk by overturning a bottle of beer at the edge of the pond.
montkia yanked the eye off the prawn which kiap-ed me with its pincer n gave it to me as a present while qq made me use the eye as bait, with amazing results which prompted ah ni to make montkia remove another 2 eyes off for her to use as baits.

last night's catch was so good we had to resort to playing games to make the losers eat the remaining prawns.

we concluded that we should just bring our catch home next time instead of bbq-ing there.

I LOVE PRAWNING (with the kias)!!!


'nobody''s car alarm system is equipped with the transformer voice which says 'disarm' when she unlocks the car.

i told montkia n qq that i should get one of those for my car too.
nothing too fanciful or loud but it should say 'suck my toes' when i unlock my car.


Entry IDK
Posted by hikari_brite on Sep 18 2010, 04:49 PM
some turn of events recently but thank goodness my life's not messed up... yet.

been either on my macbk or ipod these days.
human contact has been minimal when i dont work.

i seem to be floating around,
my surroundings, surreal.

as i watch the blue cloudless sky,
headphones blasting...
im oblivious to the world around me.

it's just me & myself in my own little island.

i know if i crank up the ol thinking engine, i'll feel shitty.

life's shitty if u were me.

fuck my dreams.

since everyone think it's so easy being a dj,
then let everyone else do it.

but hey wait,
they already are...
those tom(smack), dick(head) & harry(pussy), and dunno what other funny dj names they give themselves.


something to clarify...
no im not dating anyone,
yes i wanna date someone,
no she doesnt know i like her (still),
yes i'll die before i tell her i like her,
no im not living an exciting life right now,
yes i've been bugged/approached/chatted up by the weirdest ppl,
no i dont attract freaks ALL THE TIME,
yes i wish i can punch em all in the face, crush included.


i think the heat's gettin into my head.

perhaps the mosquitoes which have been attacking me are driving me nuts.

5 bites in 3mins and i managed to flatten only 1.
it's gotten so bad i've been walking around the house holding the mosquito repellent cum air freshener in my hand and i behave like some crazy fucker in tank top n spongebob squarepants boxers jumping around the house trying to kill them flying, annoying mozzies.


life aint fair.


Entry dreams
Posted by hikari_brite on Sep 6 2010, 05:43 PM
i dreamt that she asked if we shld date.

she was sitting next to me in my car, smoking a ciggie, gazing at me with her tiny eyes.
i cld feel my face turning crimson.
the heat travelled from my face to the tip of my ears.
my throat turned cold.
my heart was pounding so hard i bet she cld hear it beating against my body and i swear it was gonna explode if she touched my hand, which was resting on the side, almost touching hers.

and then she said,
"if we're dating, will u go queue up for me for the korean bands concert?"


i told her i needed to go pee and got out of the car.

i woke up from my dream and went to pee.

and i hit my head repeatedly onto the toilet cabinet for having such a hopeless dream.

Entry some old songs
Posted by hikari_brite on Sep 5 2010, 04:27 PM
been going through some old songs in my iTunes and they've certainly evoked some memories which i've almost totally forgotten.

FM Static - Tonight
The Used - Smother Me
Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You
Leona Lewis - Run
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
The Smashing Pumpkins - The End is The Beginning is The End
Gavin Rossdale - Love Remains The Same
BodyRockers - I Like The Way
Duffy - Distant Dreamer
Blur - Tender
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
30 Seconds To Mars - The Kill
The Script - I'm Yours
Kanye West - Heartless
Neneh Cherry ft Yossou D'dour - 7 Seconds
Framing Hanley - Lollipop
Ne-yo - Mad
Massari - Real Love
Ramzi & Ash King - Your Love is Blind
Naturi Naughton - Fame
Rivermaya - You'll Be Safe Here
3rd Avenue - Why Can't it Be

i've never heard of the original version of 'Why Can't it Be' by 3rd Avenue until today.
all those times when i was immersed in the song, it was performed by my filipino friend, Norman Cruz, in BF.
he sounded so much better, trust me.

so yup,
old punk rock,
down to filipino bands,
some memory evoking songs which i have not deleted from my iTunes and which i enjoy once in a while to chill from all the electronic beats.

i'd love to tag stories of those songs but i'll end up writing a book.

i hope they will, bring back some fond memories for those who take the time and trouble to go check out.

Posted by hikari_brite on Sep 4 2010, 02:14 PM
montkia n i suddenly came to a conclusion that the idiot visits this website... or made visits.

i hope it's before i blogged about her.



havent seen her for a while now.
think she's busy with exams n stuff.
korean songs are giving me a real fucking headache.
i need to hurry before she goes to vietnam.


BFF went to the party on thursday!!!
the delinquent nurse told me if she didnt, she'd missed another of my good sets!
almost wanted to jump outta the booth to squeeze her breathless when i saw her while doing the pre-party songs.

she's like a puppy.
playful n overboard sometimes, quiet n thoughtful occasionally.
AND there are pros n cons when 'nobody' nudges into the picture.

dun wanna get too in-depth about it here... but well, as long as she's happy i guess there are certain small sacrifices to make here n there.


im getting too hopeless with girls.

im unable to read signs (if any) when the girl's interested...
besides doing other retarded stuff to scare what's left, off.

there's no damn way i can act all cool and chill.

look on it on the bright side,
i dont have the kinda patience anymore.

i'll burst a blood vessel if i hafta wait for anyone for 5 mins.

Entry random
Posted by hikari_brite on Aug 28 2010, 05:26 PM
i think of her a tad too much.

the image of her back has been replaying.
when i commented on how much i enjoying looking at her back, ah ni rolled her eyes to the back of her head so much they got stuck again.


soooo looking forward to sentosa on monday with the kias.. minus our resident delinquent nurse.
BUT... we're gonna stuff our faces silly with steamboat buffet with her in the evening after her work.


saturday again.

interview on thurs didnt turn out as what i expected.
it's hard to work in a club which doesnt believe in electro music.
they are in a class of their own, which aint my class, sad to say.

i'll keep looking.


i guess i'll just work on 2 projects at the same time then.
stupid kimchi's korean pop song remix and my own electro demo.


been lazying ard these couple of days.
it's BAD!

hafta force myself to go to work everyday.
no work, no moolah.


im so addicted to prawning...
especially with the kias.
yea i know it's somewhat passe for some people but they dunno how fun it is to prawn with the kias.

prawns hate me.
they dont take my bait.

Entry prawning!
Posted by hikari_brite on Aug 25 2010, 01:39 AM
the kias' guys nite out (or not really)!

picked stupid kimchi and montkia up from amk before heading over to bishan park.
it was drizzling so finding a parking lot was a breeze and crowd was minimal... so were the prawns.

3 of us sat, side by side, prawning, drinking beer and chatting.

qqkia came with an emo friend who had to leave early (thank goodness!) and she was attacked unmercifully by kimchi who called her ti-geh and stuff which didnt really sit well with her.

we din really catch anything much until our final 2 hrs or so and half our supper came from an old man who was prawning alone and teaching us some cool techniques.

it aint about the prawns (ok la, occasional pride when we hooked a big one).
it's about chilling with couple of good friends,
chatting (not gossiping, not bitching),
discovering how manly montkia was when she was the only person who would touch the damn worm bait,
releasing the whinny, squealing side of me when i saw the worms,
how teamwork made everything more fun when we helped each other with the charcoal, the fire, washing and skewering, bbq-ing and de-shelling the prawns and feeding the person who was doing the bbq-ing.
nobody, not even the girly qqkia, sat and waited for food to be served.

the stupid kimchi managed to get the hook caught at the top of the canopy and the prawn flew into the plastic drainage pipe a few feet above us.
it was fuck embarrassing but we were laughing till we almost rolled on the floor.

spent 9 hrs there when kimchi had intended to go home early to sleep.
at the end of the nite, i sent her home and chatted for almost an hour in the car, smoking, and talking about how annoying some femmes can really get.

what made me really happy was how she declared with a wide smile on her face,
"tonight was SO FUN!"


Entry movie & kimchi
Posted by hikari_brite on Aug 17 2010, 04:39 PM
watching a movie alone with the stupid kimchi is BLISS!

couple seat lehhhhhh!
(arm rest in the middle was pulled down coz she wanted to rest her arm dry.gif )

movie sucked but i slipped the ticket stub into my pocket to keep without being too obvious.

after meeting the kias,
dinner at qq's,
chit chatting,
i sent her near yishun so she cld take a cab from the side of the road to go straight into SLE/BKE.
what i wld give to send her all the way home!!
but... nope.
too obvious.
i stay in the east.

i wonder how long i'll last before i finally break down.
altho i try not to make it look obvious im head over heels in love with her,
it takes a rather big moron to not notice it.

mayb she's the biggest moron.
perhaps i am one myself.
it's not wrong to want more coz im only human.

what i'll give to have her feel the same for me!
stupid eye-less korean schoolboy.

so many things to say but the words dont seem to form.

Entry here & there
Posted by hikari_brite on Aug 13 2010, 12:36 PM
i cant tell u not to sink.
the feeling of being wanted,
every touch from her hands,
the looks from her eyes,
even the ways she irritates u...
makes u want more.

just dont show her how vulnerable a position u'r in right now.
when it comes to wanting more,
we both know we're at the losing end coz we're greedy.
it kills us when we sit and wait while our minds wander...
our bodies, far away from our 'her'.

when it's time to end, let it.
live every moment u have with her in happiness so there will not be regrets.

we will be devastated one way or another.
although we secretly hope they'll fall in love with us and we'll all live happily ever after.

who believes in fairytales?

i dont even believe in love anymore.


been chatting with the stupid kimchi via sms these couple of days and she actually called me while i was driving to bishan for prawning! ~happiness~
chatted for prolly 20mins while i got somewhat lost, missed the carpark entrance, did a u-turn and waited for a lot... until she said,
"walau i think i need to da bian."

so i told kimchi to go da bian, and i'd try to squeeze a makeshift lot somewhere.
as much as i wanted it to go on forever, i was nervous and didnt know what to say and i couldnt tell her to keep talking coz i was happily contented just listening to her.

i miss kimchi already.
will be seeing her next wed for dinner and movie!

Entry random
Posted by hikari_brite on Aug 10 2010, 01:29 PM
crashed with the kias at marina bay sands on sunday all the way to monday afternoon!

the view was AWESOME!!
that, is almost all which is nice about that place.


the kias finally managed to take some family photos!

we drew the curtains in the hotel room,
placed a coffee table and the vase by the side to mimic a typical family portrait scene and stood solemnly while m snapped us.

when someone suggested less solemn shots... hell broke loose.

montkia snored whle she slept,
samsungkia walked around in the bathrobe which made her look like some perverted flasher,
m was being bullied throughout,
and they licked stickies and put them back into the bottle when they didnt like the flavour!


partied at butter factory on sunday night and we were greatly entertained by all those weird, straight people there...

VERY tall girl in red dress who danced like she was having gi-mongus spasm,
VERY tall indian man who tried to mix his dancesteps with kav maga (i was thinking if he kicked me by accident, i'd knee him in the balls) with devastating results,
VERY short guy who tried some jellyfish dance which was GROSS,
VERY fugly guy who stuck his hand up in the air all the time and walked around with his jug of beer and stinks like he hadnt showered decently for years.

they were all dancing in what we nicknamed, the lame corner.

we agreed that half the people there came from another universe to celebrate singapore's birthday.
what an honor.

the security guys were (have always been!) really sweet!


revamping my set for the next show.

my style,
not anyone's.

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