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i know.

i know what she was gonna say before montkia asked.
but what im really glad about is that she looks up to me and treats me like a really close friend.
she's been telling me that we should each find ourselves a date/gf.
i think we'll prolly bully the crap outta them if we do.

maybe one day, she'll think that it would have been so much easier if we dated.
maybe one day, i'll look back and think of how ridiculous it is to even have a crush on her.


last night was wild, crazy and awesome!

we took turn in getting bullied and our hair pulled by each other ( i think i got it the hardest T.T), shouted "STEROIDS GAN AH!" every time we felt like it, did our sehka cheer, sang out of tune loudly to all the songs and got disgusted by montkia and qq making out in front of our faces.



going back to hilltop to train.
i miss shifu.

been wanting to jog since forever before going back but im too lazy to buy running shoes.
jogging at hilltop gives me the excuse of running around barefooted (my fav!) and looking like some deranged siao chabo and no one gives a shit.

besides that, the ex gf's going back to train too... so my padding partner problem's solved!
i dun wanna be padding partner with some girly girl (if there're any at all) or shifu.
he's everyone's padding partner nightmare.


i wanna take up canoeing with kimchi!!!


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