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i wanna be a spider!

im sitting here on a deepavali holiday,
working on 3 computers,
playing games on my ipod touch,
sipping from the big gulp i brought hm,
and reading a book.

i aint a good multi tasker actually...
sipped my coke and thought i was smoking,
poked my book and flipped my ipod..
and i nearly ate my cig.

my desk top's downloading some music files,
wrking on the serato with my mac,
n checking my company's main mail with the lappie i brought back frm the ofc.
altho my mac can handle ALL the workload (wat cant a mac pro do?), i dun wanna tire out my baby.

when i started work at my sis' ship services company, everything hit me in my face.
i had to do the disbursement account, purchasing & quotations (my colleague whom i nicknamed jesus, was on reservist duty,) and i had to read ALL the emails from vessels and keyships from greece, germany and argentina... in case i missed any enquiries.

im a noob.

i was ostracized on my first few days of work...
until i shouted a string of vulgarities when i accidentally deleted 1 of the DAs i was working on,
and i became 1 of the guys.

got my safety helmet, fugly luminous vest, safety boots and PSA pass.

next stop, vessel boarding.

i hope i dont screw up and fall into the sea.


got my kias' specs!
waiting for ah ni to come back then we can complete our specs look.


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