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Love n Faith

story of us

it was a story of us which lasted less than a year.

she was my first ever girlfriend, she was just an ordinary girl. she doesn't look exceptionally good, nothing at all to attract me to her. the only exceptional thing about her was her voice, she sings really well and won competitions. i don't even know how it all began, and suddenly BOOM we were together. at that time, i knew nothing about love, much less love with a girl. was selfish, ignorant, and stupid. i made her cry and hurt her so many times, and i don't even realise the pain i was giving her.

until the final straw came, and i broke it off.

now, she has a new gf. and somehow, its my turn to feel the pain. regrets, memories keep flooding to me, and repeatedly, i tell myself i have to let go, but i just cannot.

the world flies past everyday, and life still goes on, but like anyone who's been heartbroken before, there's all the difference. feels like i am tied to a chair and struggling with my life, but i just cannot run away. fear grips me every minute, and i cannot breathe...

why am i telling u all these, and why am i here? i myself am not quite sure, to find someone who can help me escape out of this darkness i'm blanketed in? or just to find someone who understands? or just to help myself understand what is love?

i believed love n faith once. now, i am not so sure.

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