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Entry Letting Go..
Posted by kaz on Sep 23 2010, 01:58 PM
Letting go of everyone..

Thanks for the moments we had, eating, prawning. i still think prawning is evil.
i will not date anyone, not you. after reading the blog and stuff i have concluded that i dun wan to play with fire. i wanna to let everything just stop here.
still friends of course. just no more intimate actions. this really killing me. i'm not playing this game with you guys. i'm a not a slut that will open legs and let you enter as and when you like. Fuck your K and leave me alone!

My gal is turning straight. starting with her 1st guy. helping her to change her wardrobe is a pain. she have not sees a single tear from me. wanting her to be good..
being a les is always not as easy as a 'norm'.
this guy is naive and have the same thinking as her. i believe he can be a suitable candidate for her.

i wanna to end with her 1st, i cannot blame anyone besides myself. i dun wan to see us hating each other in the future. therefore i wanna to stop.

2years and a month, this is how long we created our moments together. just a mintue and it becomes history. just a mintue.

If there is god, please let me COL. Coz.. it's killing...


Entry Relax @ Sentosa
Posted by kaz on Jul 21 2010, 11:10 AM
Sentosa!!! Finally got to relax!! thanks to A. laugh.gif

Really dunno how long since i been there to relax and not work.. but even when i work there also like play.. hees.. visits sites and place of interest, just that, i went in for free and going as a visit have to pay. huh.gif

Yesterday, not touring around but went to the beach.. i think is Palawan.. A bring i just go.. blink.gif is a different objective to go there.. coz is to relax so lesser pple is perfect.. wink.gif

We saw this cute tall butch or andro liking person there with her very unfriendly girlfriend(i think so) ohmy.gif , but we also ignore and went to bathe. after that we got stuck in the rain, so i decided to eat my tibits and drink water from water cooler tongue.gif . i dunno what's so funny but A just cannot stand me doing this... huh.gif

happy day! after that when to vivo have soup.. but i still like LJS or 'Mamison' de.. biggrin.gif

i think by today you should know who i'm speaking for..
sorry but in my situation i have put a 'name' on here..
Hope you utd. smile.gif

What you have told me, i will think about it..
Take care.. Enjoy your everyday with joys.. laugh.gif


Entry My Bday
Posted by kaz on Jul 15 2010, 11:14 AM
Thanks for the presents i received.. laugh.gif

i like the blue dress i brought from A.
is very comfortable and i like it a lot. i took a lot of pictures. biggrin.gif

this year bday was boring.. nothing much and covered up with my tests and work.. hai~ mellow.gif

but is good that i got a puppet cat from my school team mates.. they were so sweet. laugh.gif .

my very good friend got me a head phone which i need it since months ago.. i have no idea how she finds out i need it.. maybe this is good friends for.. no need to meet up often but still know what i needs.. wink.gif

My gal brought me to do body massage. but when we are there, there are no space. dry.gif so we went for a test. and for my results. saying i'm too stress until i'm not burning my glucose. so i need to destress. i dunno what's the root of the stress. blink.gif

my facebook was flooded with wishes which made my gal jealous.. tongue.gif but didn't have a fight with her. i'm too tired to do so.
Currently she keep looking into other gals' profile page leaving comments and 'Kpo-ing' abt others' life. which before she ask me not to.
so now she told me is because of networking. weird. dry.gif

she told me that between us will nv be fair, because my past was horrible.. unsure.gif
i think i can see an end of this relationship is just a matter of when. if she insisted. After i have done so much to balance up but i think she will nv think is enough.


Entry give up or not?
Posted by kaz on Jul 12 2010, 06:17 PM
i cried badly today, just like how i cried almost 3years ago.
i miss u
but i cannot meet you today.
because of your friends again.
i think i should tell myself to give up on you.
if not i will cry, whenever you put me down.
and whenever i miss you.

Two disappointments i got from you so far..
i'm such a fool.


Entry Back..
Posted by kaz on Jun 22 2010, 12:28 PM
Back from JB trip, not very relax one. so rush.. but that place was really nice. is a very good place to relax and refreshen up yourself and have some fun with your friends.

met new friends there and took some stress back. X.x Last part of all my efforts.. now is the time to make it happen. and i will be freed. i hope so.

i'm being a superwomen now a days, but my boss missed them all.. -.-"
or maybe she will feel unhappy. i rmb there is once, one of my client loves me and treat me as friend. she came in and asked "where is my friend?", my friend who works with me told her i'm changing my uniform. my boss face become coal. this dun make sense to me!!! your staff serve your client so well and this is how to have regular customer. what's so unhappy about? she jus let me felt that my success will be a sand in her eyes.

what the fuck?
is all boss like this?


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