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so yea..

been ages since i last login fridae.
been ages since i last hearted someone.

tonight i did.
and i saw u in her friend list.

then i saw u in my friend list.
how ironic.

so yea..

how are u..
3 simple words but i really can't find the courage to text u.

somehow somewhat, i stopped grieving for u even thou i still love u.
i felt the need to stop after hearing my mummy's words.

"son, i don't know how to make u feel better. don't sad le. mummy promise to dote on u doubly ok?"

it's unfair to seek solace from my mummy every single time i'm hurt over u.
it's unfair to make her worry & heartache me.
it's unfair to make her love me doubly just because u are no longer by my side.

it makes me feel utterly unfilial.

so yea..

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