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laogong was telling me about the girl named A in her hp address book..
i pretended to be jealous and upset..

laogong: you should have a name that starts with A too, so that you can be on top of my address book as well..
me: alexius? alexis? ale?
laogong: that's so common and copycat..
me: =.= i can't possibly call myself alex what!
laogong: abel?
me: no... i don't wanna be the fitness workout thingy..
laogong: abraham?
me: no... i don't wanna be a president..
laogong: ahhh.. abra-ca-dabra!
me: ............

that's how i got my new name from my idiot laogong=.=


(queuing to buy movie tickets)

laogong: hey he looks like fee!
me: who??
laogong: *pointing at "Killers" movie poster*
me: wow! Ashton Kutcher's hot!!
laogong: fee's hot!!
me: how can you say that infront of your laopo??
laogong: but fee's hot!
me: but i'm your laopo!
laogong: but fee's hot!!!
me: but i'm your laopo!!!!!!!!!
laogong: but fee's really hot!!!!!!!!!!
me: -_____________________________- go and die


(sitting outside cinema)

me: gong.. what time does the movie end?
laogong: *silence*
me: oi... how long is the duration??
laogong: *silence*
me: are you alive?
laogong: yes..?
me: did you say yes?
laogong: no?!
me: then what did you say????
laogong: yes!!

both of us LOL like mad..


(in foodcourt)

me: do you know what am i thinking?
laogong: kissing me?
me: -_____________________________- why and how on earth did you derive at that?
laogong: because you have been wanting to kiss me..
me: did i?? how come i didn't know??
laogong: yes you did..
me: since when?
laogong: since very long ago...
me: =.=
laogong: so what were you thinking of?
me: kissing you lo..
laogong: ............


(in the restaurant)

laogong: hey i wanna eat the pizza, the tiramisu, the cream of mushroom, blah blah..
me: *serious tone* gong, if you are gonna put on weight, i'm gonna dump you..
laogong: *sad look* but don't you like volkswagen (beetle)? they are round!
me: erm yes.. but when i go for bungs, i like them to be shou (slim)! when i go for femmes, i like them to be fei (chubby)! and you are a bung!
laogong: ............

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