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laogong: eh eh did u eat the cinnamon melts at mac?? sibei nice!
me: nope
laogong: its seriously damn nice. totally happy food. if ur upset. should totally try it
me: hmm gong. ur po dun like cinnamon wor =x
laogong: u dont like?? why?? sweet sweet one ma!
me: cinnamon wher gt sweet
laogong: but the one at mac is sibei sweet!
me: i nv eat b4. now giv me dragon meat oso no use
laogong: ........dragon meat is not sweet lar. will not make u happy one
laogong: what..?
me: see herstory later

gong, sometimes you can be really dense, retarded, insensitive, but you are "adorable"..
don't fool around so much behind my back mad.gif
and i wanna see you this coming week i don't care..
*miss you*

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