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Entry angsty
Posted by hikari_brite on Oct 25 2010, 12:23 AM
i think it's the bruno mars 'just the way you are' mv which burst the dam.
it's too lovey dovey.
it made me smile n then made me wonder how come i have none of the kinda love in my life.
i have love from my family,
love from the kias,
love from my terrapins (they love to run over my feet),
love from my friends....
but still, i have no love.


too many things swirling around in my mind right now i dunno where to start.
it's like trying to catch the cigarette smoke with my hands.


going to sleep now.
i hope i dream of kimchi so i can punch her in the face.

Entry whirlwind
Posted by hikari_brite on Oct 16 2010, 11:26 AM
been caught in a whirlwind of activities which involves starting work in my sister's company which is an office bound job sad.gif , moving back home to stay, pt-ing at thai restaurant and digging for cheap buys at mph book sale@spore expo (bought 8 books at less than $50!!)

the tracks i downloaded in the office hasnt been processed, not that i have any time left after work and i hafta use up the weekend pt-ing and moving my stuff.

driving to work's not an option.
dun wanna let the rest of the colleagues know that my sister pampers me silly, besides knowing that parking fees here are exhorbitant on the daily basis.

been looking at vintage bikes lately and even contacted one of the sellers to view a classic Yamaha YB100 BUT as usual, met by forceful objection from my sis sad.gif

the week's over at a blink of the eye.

i hope it doesnt go the same with my life.
office job sucks it out of me at astonishing speed and i am only a week into it.

Entry i wanted to....
Posted by hikari_brite on Oct 11 2010, 01:28 AM
i wanted to...
jump up at kimchi when she came out of the arrival hall and tell her how bloody much i missed her vulgarities, her awesomely rude behaviour, her burps and her wicked humour if not for the fact that she'd punch me in the face.

i wanted to...
hug kimchi to death and pull her hair(she'll punch me in the face).

i wanted to...
get drunk so i can muster enough courage to tell kimchi i like her and then deny it flatly the next day(she'll punch me in the face on both days).

i wanted to...
smack montkia's head when she was trying to act justin bieber (AGAIN!).

i wanted to...
send kimchi home after drinking but i had to meet cavin at sky sad.gif

i wanted to...
spit in all the dishes of the nasty ****** fuckers at the restaurant if i worked in the kitchen.

i wanted to...
smash the plate of rice in the ****** woman's fuck face.

i wanted to...
grow 4 more arms, 3 more legs, 2 more pairs of eyes and ears so i could handle all the serving faster (i was already running!).

i wanted to...
sing the song 'just the way you are' loudly while walking home just now.

i wanted to...
tell all those people who have many different requests but refused to make things easier for me by using their brains to think and thus saving me many many trips to their tables to SUCK MY TOES!

i wanted to...
kick the noisy children in the restaurant.

i wanted to...
not turn up for work and go fishing with the kias.

i wanted to...
throw my blackberry onto the floor and step on it coz i couldnt unlock its keypad AGAIN!

i wanted to...
more than anything else in the world.

Entry today!
Posted by hikari_brite on Oct 9 2010, 02:23 PM
kimchi's coming back TODAY!!

we have no fucking idea the exact time's her arrival but we're staking out at the budget terminal later after lunch n hanging out at the airport.


im sitting on the toilet bowl, ps-ing n blogging.

i made the ultimatum of downing a packet of milk n popping 2 pills before bed last night.
didnt find it useful until 10mins ago when i almost killed my niece with my farts.
i think ima be late meeting montkia.

sorry feefee.........


kimchi fb-ed me before thursday's party asking me to spin well smile.gif which i did!
the party was awesome!



Entry dinner with the kias!
Posted by hikari_brite on Oct 6 2010, 04:37 PM
having all the kias over for dinner tonight!
...minus the stupid kimchi sad.gif

instead of the planned bbq, i'd figured we'd have more edible things if my mom actually cooked.
curry fish head, braised mid-joints, prawns fried chilli crab style and of coz, lots of baguette and 'man tou'!


i've finally succumbed to the temptation of taking pills to make me shit.
been constipated for a week now, toilet visits render too little fruits of labour so i figured after the sinfully heavy dinner tonight, i'll pop a pill by the chinese medicine brand i swear by, and wait for results tmr morning.
my sis claims the pill does miracles of clearing the internal system.
she was sabo-ed by my bro-in-law the other time when she cldnt remember how many she took.
he said 2.
she said ok...
and spent the rest of the morning clearing her insides.


3 more days.

i imagine her looking scruffy with longer, messier hair,
skin tanned to being a chindian,
and having her really toned arms back in shape again.

sexy to the max.

don't you DARE judge me!


checked out the gym and pool today.
fucking small... BUT for sucha small development, i guess it's kinda alright.
everything comes in fun-size now.
for the past 3 years i've been hearing my sis say, "get the big 1, i have plenty of space." to now "erm, that wont fit in my apartment."


been addicted to zombies farm lately.
my mutated zombies are really cute.

i cannot understand my interest in morbidity.

Entry saturday!
Posted by hikari_brite on Oct 5 2010, 04:04 AM
kimchi's coming back on saturday(if she can get a flight with the lousy 'kitty cat' budget airline)!!!

the kias have decided to to hijack her from the airport the moment she touches ground!


went prawning today!
caught quite a few big prawns and one big marthafucking gi-mongous prawn which we named after kimchi.
kimchi's pincers are so big we hafta tie them up with a rubber band so it wldnt go wild on the floor of my car if it got loose and attacked me while i was driving.

planned for a bbq at my place this wednesday...
eating kimchi and gang smile.gif

i love prawning!!!


well, gonna move back to the west next week.
no more sitting at the front porch, day-dreaming while staring at the blue sky and white fluffy clouds.
BUT still, reckon i'll be hanging out quite a lot by the pool at my sis' new house in the north-east... so bbqs are still possible with an additional benefit of a pool and gym room(i heard the gym has 3 machines. like wow, im expecting rigorous workouts -.-).


i really have no idea what i wanna do with my life.

looking at the blue sky when the weather allows it calms me down.
it stops me from worrying about things(like my future) which i cant phantom.
by the looks of things, i should start panicking now.


dreamt that kimchi and i were dating (happiness biggrin.gif ) and it was nothing spectacular or particularly lovey dovey.
in my dream, we were just hanging out as usual with the kias and doing what we normally do... except that i knew we were dating.

i knew i was dreaming and in my dream, i told myself to enjoy it while it lasts.

woke up smiling.
then, the sucker called reality slapped me in my face.

Posted by hikari_brite on Sep 29 2010, 05:14 PM
if you like electro/dubstep beats, but hate squeezing in clubs with a million other sweaty, hairy, smelly non-girls, but still like to hold alcohol in your hand and shake your body/head/booty to the music,
join me on saturday, 2nd Oct at 10.30pm for a showcase of my mix @swee lee music cafe @ *scape building.

PM me for details... as if it's not detailed enough here.

Entry well well...
Posted by hikari_brite on Sep 25 2010, 05:40 PM
met ALL THE KIAS last nite which includes our resident lianbang ah beng stupid kimchi!!!

picked her up from T3(she sent her friend who was heading off to India) before heading to town.
i tell u....

when i lamented about her being away for 2 weeks, she said we would go without meeting for the same period of time if she was busy with school and db.
i said yea, but it wont be the same coz she'll be so far away from us!
she'll be 1089.57km away!!!

i guess it doesnt mean anything to her anyway.
we're not even dating, why should she be bothered?

ah ni and i were pretty much convinced that the stupid kimchi knows about my crush for her and that she's just faking ignorance.
might as well...
at least she doesnt childishly avoid me or not hang out with us coz of this.
this has further proved that i should just keep quiet about everything, enjoy her company whenever she joins us and not wish for anything more.

this question has been hanging on my mind for a while now...
what if she reads my blog?
i am in denial.
i tell myself that she has no time for such mediocre stuff like this.

many many weeks ago while i was playing monopoly deal with ah ni at starbucks,
i was so bent on finding the right situation and time to trash it out to her.

i chickened out.

even if anybody were to lay it straight into our faces, i'll deny it flatly and prolly punch the fella in the face for cracking sucha stupid joke.

last night after dropping ah ni off at 3am, we were all worried about me dozing off at the wheel (again).
i lite a ciggie,
put the song 'just the way you are' by bruno mars on,
and i drove all the way back, recapping the ridiculously stupid things she did while we were hanging out, with a smile on my face.

and those times when she caught me unaware and slapped me hard on my boobs (with or without binder's protection) were strung together and played out like a video clip.
it goes something like:

*smack* (my boobs)
ouch/argh/knn ccb! (me screaming)
*smack smack smack* (me hitting her)
hahahahahaha (stupid ass laughing)

no i dont enjoy those smacks.
they're damn painful.

*slams head on table

Entry nothing
Posted by hikari_brite on Sep 23 2010, 05:08 PM
it's raining.
there's no sun to watch from the front porch today.

i sat on the couch and watched as the rain hit against the glass of the sliding door before flowing down into the water feature.
water was flowing down from everywhere... even from my eyes.

i have been able to control my emotions successfully whenever im not alone.

playing is my forte,
laughter is my language,
smiling (even when it forces the fine lines out on my face) is a must for everyone i encounter.
i smile even a second before i throw my punches,
my barrage of vulgarities ends with a smile,
i smile widest when the neighbor's dog creep up to the gates and releases its barks in a rabid frenzy whenever a kid walks by, scaring the piss outta the kid (yea i hate kids, shoot me.)

it's not the first time the weather has affected me in this manner.

there's been a lineup of crazy meteorological conditions lately so im not surprised im turning kinda haywire.

one day i know that life's not just sitting at the front porch and watching the blue sky while i work frantically on my macbook,
the next day had me hanging around outside, unwillling to go back home despite the late (or early) hours,
some days i get restless, when nothing i do seem right,
on other days, i drive myself crazy when i realize no matter how much i do, they wont change anything.

i have given up on love so long ago coz it abandoned me somewhere along the way.
it is one emotion which always never fails to crush me.

the kias are my beams of support.
although they are all naughty monkeys, they wont harm anybody... especially me.
even when i were to find a date or get attached,
she has to get along with the kias or it's a no deal.
i place too many things above love right now, u hafta look at the end of the list before u can find its placement.
that's for something which has betrayed, fooled, abandoned and made a mockery out of me and all the girls i was with all these years.

fuck u and your ideas.

there's no one on my mind right now but the stupid kimchi.
i dont call it love and i dont know what to call it.
i just know her texts bring smiles to my face,
her voice (even the vulgarities) sounds like music to my ears,
the look on her face every time she talks to me makes my heart flutter,
her coughs, spits, last warning school bag, pants and school shoes set herself apart from all those people.

i dont lust for her like how some people can lust for big boobs, sexy legs or hot bods...
she has none of those.
but i think she's hot.

i think of how wonderful it would be if we can hang out like a dating couple, watch movies, eat ice cream, throw stuff at each other, tell each other our dreams and fears, push each other out of the shelter into the rain, lie on the couch and burp after a few cans of beer.

dreams are wonderful to have.
rain is a vicious tool to wash them all away.
tears, no matter how freely they fall, will not turn dreams to reality and cannot wash away the aching pain u feel when she's not around.

i'll be waiting for the sun at the front porch tomorrow.

meeting the stupid kimchi for dinner before she flies off to vietnam on sunday.
2 weeks.
how miserable i'll become.

Entry die sia!
Posted by hikari_brite on Sep 22 2010, 03:11 PM
it's wednesday and i havent finished kimchi's korean songs mix.
die sia!


havent really sat down to prepare for next's month's gig at butter fac.
die sia!


im too lazy to go work.
no work no moolah.
die sia!


i ate the most amount of snow skin durian mooncakes this year and im getting fat.
die sia!


supposed to have a private gig for a birthday party which pays pretty well BUT my friend did not reply to my text to loan the speakers!
die sia....
that's looking at moolah flying away right in front of my face!


will be hanging out with the kias tonight to play with lanterns and sparkles!
i hope montkia can persuade the lazy kimchi to come.


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