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damn it

the idiot bbm-ed me & asked if i was gonna leave the office on the dot.

i had a million things to do & wld prolly be stuck there till over 9pm.

i replied that i was gonna leave at 5pm after i was done with some quotations.

she asked me if i could pick her up from school.
it was raining matharfucking heavy & she was stuck in school.

i said ok & ran back to finish up a quotation which i had to put down after lunch to meet a supplier.
after the meeting, i went to parkway parade to get some supplies we ordered, popped by a wine shop for a price list, bought sandwiches to share with our office jesus, ran to GNC to get my whey protein & stole a "way out" sign on the way to get the car just for the fun of it.

jesus asked if i was leaving at 5 & i said i had to. but i offered to go in early the next day to help but he said it was ok.

kimchi bbm-ed me to get her something to eat from the pantry coz she was hungry.
her last bbm to me which had me bolting to the door...
hurry ah. damn cold.

we have no pantry in the office, so i took the whole box of sandwiches i was supposed to share with jesus & ran to the car.

her school ended at 5 but she waited till almost 6.30 for me coz i had to make a detour for petrol & the weather & traffic conditions were nerve-wrecking.

we gobbled down the sandwiches in the car while going towards the SLE, opened the windows to smoke & laughed a lot about some funny things we said.
when we reached her house, we sat in the car, our legs dangling out the window, listened to kpop songs & i told her how disgusting her zillions of toes prints on my windscreen are.

i dont know what time we'd slack in the car till & she left only coz she really needed to pee.

i know im not really getting anywhere over kimchi.

this is bad.

the irony is that i told montkia that im somewhat over her.
but a bbm,
a small request,
any word from her that she wanted to hangout/have dinner/go chill somewhere/go to her hs to slack/drink beer....
i'd be there in an instant.

this is really bad.

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