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18 hrs

friday was 18hrs of kimchi!!!

the blardy bugger bbm-ed me at 9am (i slept at 5am coz i went for supper with bff after-party) n told me she might get off school at 12+.

i went back to sleep aft she told me how she got a scratch on her bb when she dropped it...
kimchi: cb i dropped my phone.
me: -.- merry xmas.
kimchi: fuck lor cb gt one big scratch.
kimchi: walau... fucccckkk... how come u wake up so early ah?
me: coz ur bbm woke me up?
kimchi: hahahahahaha

it was just basically me & her time from 12pm onwards when i picked her up from school.

we talked & joked so much, not a moment was boring (at least not for me biggrin.gif), swigged beers, smoked non-stop, cursed at each other, pushed each other around & i laughed the hardest when a 16yr old kid tried to hit on her.

after we packed up, we chilled with the birthday girl & started talking non-stop again.
when i warned her about her chain smoking, she said,
fuck la, it's bachelor's night man! just smoke & drink till we die!

both of us agreed that if montkia was there, she'd probably get hit on & get pissed smashed & start vomiting into the pits, the bushes & fall into the pool.

of course, not wanting to call it a night even after 3am when we left the condo, we had supper near her house.
the food sucked but we ate anyways.

sent her to her block, sat in the car with our legs dangling out of the car window & smoked more.
that was when we started taking turns getting out of the car to fart.
in the end, we just sat by the curb, chatting, farting, smoking & agreed that bachelors' night should happen more often.

we parted ways after listening to The Time (dirty bit) by BEP on radio after 6am.
as usual, she grinned, got out of the car & said,
see u sooooon! drive home safe!!

& as usual, i watched her back as she made her way towards the lift lobby, grinning while looking at her usual swagger, congratulating myself once again at my wonderful acting.

it's time i should snap out of my hopeless crush on her.
she's such a wonderful friend to have & it's not fair to her that everytime im out with her, i wish that we were dating.

i'm living a lie & making her live it with me.
it's just not fair.


watched an old movie 'The Road to Rondanthe' & cried like some marthafucker.

i hate love stories.
any strands of feeling of love kills me.

of all the feelings & emotions i wish to feel to be alive again, love is not on the list.
not from anyone else but kimchi,
which i know is not possible... that is why i've striked it out of my list long ago.

im prepared to live out many many lonely days rejecting all others while yearning for one which will never come.


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