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im sick of thinking of titles for my blog entries.


it's really weird.
just weird n not coz i think there's something wrong with me...
when someone who got her brains fucked out by me, got attached a few days after... to another person.

no i dont wanna gf n im not jealous.
i wanna date no one else but kimchi n i know it's not really possible between us.
but still,
it's weird.

what am i?!?!
some sexual escapade before going back to reality??
or some wild rampage before settling down with someone who's not... wild??

i've had so many girls telling me im not good gf material till it gets drilled in my mind that I AM NOT GOOD GF MATERIAL.

but what IS good gf material?!?
someone who remembers what the gf likes?
someone who talks tenderly n gazes at the gf with love in the eyes?
someone who doesnt drink n hang out late (n get into fights or other ppl's beds)?
someone who makes small lil prezzies to surprise the gf?
someone who goes 'awwww, check out that cute lil screaming, kicking kid'?
someone who picks up/ drop off the gf like a chauffer?
someone who brings the gf to expensive restaurants which serve portions so tiny you cant really tell if dinner's over till you empty your wallet on the bill?

come on, get a grip on reality.


tried unsuccessfully asking kimchi out last nite for dinner.
she wanted nothing but to sit at home n gush blood.
day before yesterday, when we went to the toilet together, she said,
"walau, my flow is so heavy the tampon string is bloody."
i was rolling my eyes to the back of my head in the next cubicle n i begged her to spare me the details.

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