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The Colours of Life

Red is the colour of love we get,
Giving us the memories we won't forget.
Looking into the eyes of the one who sleeps beside,
You want this love to stay with you, always by your side.

Blue is the disappointments we have in life,
Don't take them too hard, accept the hurt and strife.
Keep the faith going, along the way we try.
Face the failures with the courage and never to cry.

Black is the deep emotions, the pain hidden behind.
Coloured by the regrets and stories we can't rewind.
Wipe the tears off the cheeks and let them go,
Allow the dark thoughts to subside and forget the woe.

Yellow is the happiness we all yearn for.
We should spread the laughters to many other more.
In times of sadness when we are feeling low,
Yellow is the colour we all need to know.

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