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I searched deep in me in the attempt to pen down some genuine reflection, only to realised inside me was pretty much empty. Probably due to the mad rush of assignments and tests, I felt mentally drained. Other than feeling the exhaustion of energy, there's nothing left in me.

The opposite of joy is not sorrow, but the numbness of heart that makes is incapable of feeling. Suffering hardens our hearts, making us oblivious to any events happening in life. This is freaking me. It's like living each day with detachment.

Not knowing how to continue, I shall end this post with a quote from an article I came across recently:
"Sorrow can also sometimes hollow us out so that we are capable of a deeper joy. It can break our hearts of stone and give us hearts of flesh. When you wish to make meat tender, then sometimes you must hammar out the knots in it."
(Timonthy Radcliffe OP)

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