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Never too late

These days I'm hooked on beer, or rather just Blanc and Erdinger. Drinking at least once a week makes me yearn for more, despite knowing it is bad for my pocket (and health).

My new semester has long begun. 7 weeks had passed, leaving lots of back log waiting for me to clear them 1 by 1. Time management is never my forte, my lazy bones just wouldn't start getting down to work until the eleventh hour. The chase for qualification is dreading me, but on the contrary, I still enjoy being a student.

Recently, my chats with a buddy seemed to be always on our dreams and future. As much as we tried to work towards a brighter future, we felt dishearten with the fact that we had not accomplished anything at this age. Although this is not disgraceful, I felt we are doing a disservice to our lives. It's time to get down to serious business and not merrying our time away.

We may have painted a beautiful picture of our future, but I'm sure we've the will and way to make it happen. It's not too late for a change.

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