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Entry Like and Like go together.... not always
Posted by Apple23 on Dec 2 2012, 08:05 AM
Hello Hello! Back on here again. Well actually I never left. But I wanted to write up a new post about being black and lesbian in SG.

I think that the consensus among not just Singaporean lesbians but even among straight white Australian women trying to set you up who don't know that you're is that, if you're black you must be attracted to other black people. Well that's not true. I'm not self-hating in any way and I do indeed find black women or most women of color attractive, but I'm very open to dating outside of my race, especially since there's like 8 of us in all of Singapore and like six of them are straight and on my campus, and the other one is a lesbian but in a relationship and the other one is me.

I'm in Singapore and I knew that it would be a challenge to meet black women when I came here, and even more of a challenge to meet lesbians in a strictly, largely heterosexual country, but sometimes I feel that some of yall might be ignoring me because I'm black. And when people here used to stare at me, it used to boggle me, because I'm thinking, "Hey, there are Indians here who are darker than me, and you've been living with them for years. What's the big deal on my skin color?" But I guess because I'm clearly black and not Indian there is a big deal. At least that's what someone told me.

I'm open to meeting women of all races, and shades of course. I'm not bound to just dating black women or brown women. I'd like to widen my circle of friends with as many lesbians if I can whether that be for romantic relationships or just friendships because as I've stated in the last post, straight people annoy the mess out of me. I'm not hating on them, but I just don't have a lot of people like me (gay, not black) around me and it's a very lonely feeling. So, say hello and I'll say hello too and maybe we can be friends, or more... if you're down. But if you're not it's cool. Hope to talk to some of you soon. Please comment if you have anything to say smile.gif

Entry Hello
Posted by Apple23 on Dec 2 2012, 07:53 AM
Hello. This is my first entry and my first time back on here in a few months. I haven't made any friends on here, and the effort since I was last signed on has been very lackluster. But I'm back on now and would like to try again.

I have to say that being in SG for a year hasn't won me any more lesbians friends than I would've like to have made by now. Again, my effort in this endeavor hasn't been much. I measure time or date things by semesters because I'm still in grad school, so here we go. Earlier this semester for the first time, I guess this was in September, I actually went to three "lesbian" bars in one night with a friend, not lesbian. And I was disappointed. No one approached us, no one wanted to talk to us and there was even a few guys in one, which I'm guessing could've been a mixed bar, but I figured the lesbians would've known that we (I) was there for one of them.

Meeting lesbians here is definitely not like how it is in the states. In NY at least the lesbian bars are indeed all lesbian, and we have an entire neighborhood (The Village, actually named Greenwich Village) dedicated and mostly populated by gay men and lesbians. And in states other than NY, states just as cosmopolitan as NY or more you can find lesbians easily and Craigslist is actually a credible site to meet women for whatever you want to do! *Gasp.

My beef or complaint I guess is that and at least what I've been told and has only been confirmed (of course with my meager efforts, but still) is that the lesbians here are not friendly, even kind of clique-ish.

I've said it a bunch of times already, I haven't tried very hard to meet lesbians here, but I would like to. Femme, which I am, or butch. Preferably my age but if you're twice that of course we can still be friends... or more, if you're down. I think the problem also lies in not knowing exactly where lesbians go.Yall haunts escape me. Another thing is I feel like I have drape a rainbow flag over me whenever I go out because how else would anyone know that I was gay? I'm just tired of being around straight people all the time lol, or watching guys make out with their girlfriends practically having sex on the trains. I want to have my own public sex! I'm joking, and maybe not so much.

I won't give up. I'll craigslist screen really hard and post until my fingers are numb, which could end up being a good thing....

Anyway, say hi ladies, don't be afraid and I won't be either! tongue.gif



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