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Kiss me when words just ainít enuff

I said, Ďwe are through, please donít call me anymoreí to her yesterday.
I want to be with her but there are too many insults from her that makes it tough for me.

I thought we are happy together, that both of us are happy together. And yesterday, I finally realised that I am wrong, she is unhappy.
If I make your life so miserable, so heavy hearted, so angry, why are we together?

But I canít bear to leave her, for I canít bear to lose her. Right after I told her we are through, I regretted. I experience a feeling of sadness and emptiness.
I have make up my mind, even if she lost her way in our life journey together, I will hold her hand and lead her back to me. I will not let go, I will not say we are through again.

Baby prince, let me be the one that can always make you smile. Please ignore what others are saying, they are not me, their opinions doesnít matter.
In life, you canít have it all. Sacrifices only make us appreciate each other even more. I know what I want for my bb makes me smile and isnít that what matters most. To be waking up everyday knowing that you have found that someone special walking this life journey with you. So now, there is no fear, for I am not alone. I have someone special, someone I care to share my life with, to share my happiness, laugh with me, laugh at me and wipe the tears from my face when am sad. Kiss me when words just ainít enuff.

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